At Casitas Tenorio we strive to engage in environmental and socially responsible sustainable tourism

We strive to engage in practices that have a low environmental impact, and we have a lifelong commitment to the development of our local community in which we live and are raising our family.

Below are listed just some of the environmental practices that we engage in at Casitas Tenorio.
• We believe in the three ‘R’s’ – ‘reduce, reuse and recycle
• We have use recycled and salvaged materials in the construction of buildings and furniture
• We have a bio-climatic drying room and avoid using a drier
• We have build the cottages into the surrounding landscape with minimal environmental impact
• We have a biodigestor for producing our own energy
• We track our energy use on a regular basis
• We have a towel reuse plan, housekeeper training and periodic checks
• We have a Recycling plan in place, staff training and periodic checks
• We provide training to our staff in regards to green practices
• We provide information to guests about green practices and ask them to assist us wherever possible (using less water, switching off lights)
• We use energy efficient light globes
• We have a preventative maintenance plan where we check equipment and pipes to ensure it is all working and that there are no leaks.
• We have automatic lighting controls
• We have incorporated smart design strategies to avoid the need for air-conditioning or heating
• We use recycled paper
• We use bio-degradable laundry products
• We farm using organic methods
• We use local plants in our gardens
• We actively protect habitat of animal species
• We engage in reforestation and periodically plant trees in the local biological corridor
• We collect and use rainwater
• We separate our waste and recycle where is possible
• We compost our organic waste
• We produce our own food (eggs, milk, cheese, butter, bread, fruits, jams)
• We have economical instant heating shower systems
• We use of biodegradable products including garbage bags
• We don’t need to water our gardens or lawns
• We have started the process to apply for the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) in Costa Rica
• We strive to live in harmony with nature on daily basis and have periodic staff meetings to discuss our progress and implement new green practices.

Below are listed just some of the socially responsible practices that we engage in at Casitas Tenorio.
• We have worked on many community projects over many years at Casitas Tenorio
• We have delivered environmental education programs to groups and schools
• We developed and delivered a school holiday camp ‘Camp Green’ for local school students
• We are members of our local development association
• We are members of our local chamber of tourism
• We have worked with the local schools and Old peoples home to provde day trips to Casitas Tenorio.
• Casitas Tenorio engages in the ‘”Quiet Neighbour attitude” we don’t have any unnecessary noise, music, engines, lighting etc
• We provide our guests information about activities in the area
• We are members of our local road committee
• We have delivered English courses classes in the village
• We have helped schools, youth group and old people’s home with donations
• We have coordinated volunteer groups of university students and high school students to work on development projects in our community
• We have worked with local groups including the local development association and the municipality on various projects
• We have provided training and guidance to locals with tourism businesses
• We hire local staff from our community as full time workers as contractors
• We ask our guests for cooperation in reducing water use of unnecessary sheet or towel washing.
• We provide local community members with employment and training.
• We pay our employees according to the local award (including overtime) and provide insurance
• We support our employees to participate in training course and university studies
• We are committed to the values of rural tourism
• We support and promote the use or local tour operators and destinations
• Support local artists with the murals and paintings in each Casita
• We are a founding member of the Costa Rican Chamber for Rural Tourism (CANTURUAL)
• We hire local guides to provide tours of the area
• Our staff have participated in Rainforest Alliance training programs

Casitas Tenorio has been accepted as a Gold level GreenLeader into the TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders™ program, which helps travellers around the world plan greener trips by highlighting hotels and B&Bs engaging in environmentally-friendly practices.

TripAdvisor GreenLeaders properties have met a set of environmental standards developed to recognise providers’ green efforts: the more green practices a hotel has in place, the higher its GreenLeader level.